The Association is one of the largest divisions of the National Rehabilitation Association, serving individuals and organizations whose efforts are directed toward career development and employment of persons with disabilities.

JPD seeks to enhance these efforts by:

  • Exchanging ideas
  • Increasing understanding
  • Identifying goals
  • Cooperative action

These efforts are approached on a nationwide basis by a strong and growing JPD national, regional and state network.

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to any person or group who is a member of the National Rehabilitation Association and is interested in enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities and are involved in the job placement process.
Welcome to JPD
National Rehabilitation Association Job Placement Division
National Rehabilitation Association Job Placement Division
Job  Placement  Division
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5 October 2015

Breaking Down Barriers & Building a Diverse Workforce

An interactive workshop to engage participants in learning practical strategies to increase diversity in today’s workforce. Through case study engagement, participants will be challenged to have honest yet difficult conversation around commonly held biases of employers regarding diversity. Participants will learn tips and techniques to combat these biases and strategies to improve employment outcomes for consumers.

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